We are Outnumbered

Outnumbered Games is an independent game development studio dedicated to creating AAA quality content that is memorable, accessible, and damn fun to play. Our games are immersive, story driven experiences with precise yet forgiving mechanics.


Our first title, FUBAR, is fast approaching its January 2019 release. We invite you to join our Early Access release on our Steam store page or sign up to be notified when FUBAR is generally available on multiple marketplaces.

The FUBAR Force is a bad-ass team of international soldiers bound together to fight against the mercenaries of HEDD Industries – a massive, fascist multinational corporation founded by its mutant evil genius founder Angus Hedd.

FUBAR Mission

Your initial objective is to survive Snake Island’s rugged and stormy environment, then gather the resources and weapons necessary to fight HEDD’s island mercenary force, locate HEDD’s secret subterranean weapons lab, defeat HEDD’s underground army, and then escape up to Snake Island’s extraction point.

Meet R.U.O.K.

Fighting against HEDD’s island mercenaries and underground army can be very difficult. One of your greatest allies will be the super powerful drone, RUOK. Using the simulator at mission control you will learn how to fly and operate this advantageous asset.

Immersive Gameplay

A ton of production value has gone into the development of FUBAR. Physics and mechanics for agile movement and sensational destruction, sound design for rich effects and music-driven sequences, and character development for an immersive environment come together to deliver ambitious AAA quality in our first indie game.